Sunday, February 13, 2011

don't be a drag, just be a queen

Love the new Lady Gaga song! totally stuck in my head :)

So like i mention in my post I have been keeping up with doing my nails so I will post some pictures in the end of some of the konads I have done recently/around Christmas time (I'm sure you can guess which one that is) I realize that they are all blue based! wow hahaha well I have done other ones I guess I just forgot to take pictures of them!
So here are the pictures, I'm sorry I forget exactly which colours I used but that's okay, also the lighting is super bad cuz it's from my phone, I actually haven't used my camera in like months so the battery is probably dead!

So right now I have on OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and I LOVE IT! I know this colour is super old and everyone has it already, but I just joined that bandwagon! so pretty, even on slightly darker skin tones, which is good!

Also, I mentioned how the eBay person sent me the wrong polish, well she said she would send me the right one! So hopefully that comes soon and that's so nice of them! Let me know if you want their eBay name, because they were great!

Alright, well I hope you guys had a nice weekend!
Happy Valentine's Day (although I am very anti-valentine's day) ahha except when I get chocolate! yummy :)

Do you guys have any good websites to buy makeup from?
Thanks :)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


okay, so I know I should be banished from the blogger world because I haven't blogged since like.. september?! oh wow. fail! oh well, i am here now, I just wanted to catch up with all my nail polish lovers out there! I have been super busy with school but that's just an excuse because I often find myself just doing nothing or watching tv, but I realized there were aspects of blogging I didn't enjoy like swatching (probably cuz I sucked at it!) so if I do get back to blogging I won't be doing any more of those!
I have still been keeping up with doing my nails either konading or just plain polish, I haven't marbled since I have been here, I just don't want to go through the explanation to everybody how it's done cuz I get a lot of questions about konad which I think is much easier to explain than water marbling "oh it's just a stamp" hahaha okay so today I received some polishes that I ordered (I haven't gotten any new ones since like, Novemeber?! so it's kind of a big deal!) I ordered 4 polishes from ebay, and one of them was NOT the one I ordered so hopefully they reply back and send me the right one and hopefully I can keep the one they accidently sent? Has that ever happened to you?

Okay so I have some questions for you guys, so please comment either answer the questions or let me know how you have been doing because I am soooo not in the polish loop anymore!
1) What is your current favourite nail polish?
2) What are some polish collections to look forward to?
3) Did you get OPI Black Shatter? and if YES then is it worth it? Should I get it?
4) Who is your favourite blogger on YOUTUBE? (I have been currently obsessing over beauty youtube gurus and watching ALL their videos! I think I have decided to learn how to be good at makeup AND nails so I will be a double threat! ahahah
okay well
please comment, and I will talk to you soon!

here is a picture of my mini haul, all OPI colours that are pretty old but I didn't own them! sorry if the picture is bad it's from my phone.From L to R: Russian Navy, Suzi Says Da, Black Onyx(WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY...ARAGON TOMORROW), and You Don't Know Jacques
I'm sure all of you have these already so you know that this isn't what they really look like, it's just a not so good pictuer!