Saturday, September 4, 2010

just checking in

Hello lovely readers,
Just checking in! Hope you guys are having a good weekend! I am moving into my residence tomorrow! Hopefully you haven't been affected by Hurricane Earl, but it hit directly over Halifax and it has caused some power outages and such.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Hopefully will have some manis this week!


  1. have an awesome time! looking forward to ur next post! :D

  2. Earl has weakened a bit when it got here, so not too much damage. But I did lose power for half a day :(

  3. i am glad there wont be any hurricane in my country , weekend is almost over here

    so sad tomorrow is Monday

    but hey Smita , thanks for all the nail tips and polish info :) its just what i need because i am clueless about manicure

  4. Can't wait for the results of the giveaway Smita! Hope your moving in goes okay. Have fun! x

  5. i hope you have tons of flashlights and candles.

    be safe!!!

  6. Look forward to your upcoming posts! I'm a recent follower; I've tagged you for an award!