Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal

Okay, so yesterday I mentioned I had a surprise for today! And yes I broke my no polish buy, BUT for those one AMAZING MUST HAVE POLISH! - CHANEL PARADOXAL! YES that is right, I finally bought it, and now I realize what all the hype was about! This polish was actually haunting me and I figured I should buy it before I leave, and totally the best $29 I have ever spent!! I actually went to Holt Renfrew to buy it but she said it was sold out (I speed walked there in like 10 minutes in the 40 degree heat)I was so pissed when she said they didn't have it, SO then I decided to go down the street to Ogilvys (local store) and THEY HAD IT! She said that someone had put it on hold but never came to pick it up, HOW COULD I NOT BUY IT?!!?

Now here are the pictures!

This first picture is pretty "meh" so I wasn't too impressed

Then as I was leaving my bathroom (the place where I take my pictures haha) I looked down at my hand and BAM I saw the amazingness that everyone is talking about!!!

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!? haha I'm so glad I bought it! It's gonna be my travel polish, I didn't put top coat on it when I took the pictures, but I have top coat on it now because I don't want it to chip!

So this is gonna be my last post for a few days because I have no more mani pictures to show you + I am moving to a dorm for University! So wish me luck, and hopefully no nail breaks during the move! I should be back hopefully by Monday! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

ps: Paradoxal: A paradox is a statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which defies intuition (wikipedia)

pss: why doesn't Zoya ship internationally? I would love me some spoons!


  1. That is one gorgeous color. But I still can see myself shelling out 30 bucks for a nail polish!

  2. Good luck hun, quite a nail polish for a move :)

    Zoya has never been interested in shipping here because they rely on Trade Secrets which is not country-wide. Their giveaways or promos never include Canadians

  3. you lucky girl! could still post to say hi even if you have no mani pictures =)

    I asked if you had china glaze omg cus I was going to say it's a dupe for gosh holo...well close enough...then you wouldn't need to get the gosh. i try really really hard to not get dupes.......but it's still happening.

  4. I love this nail polish!

  5. It looks very good! But I'm with Megan on this one. $30 is waaay out of my price range.

  6. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

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  7. I like it

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  9. Was it the last bottle at Ogilvys??? Whew that is lucky! Im happy you got your biggest lemming ;)

  10. gorgeous! and just because, i gave you the happy 101 award!