Sunday, February 13, 2011

don't be a drag, just be a queen

Love the new Lady Gaga song! totally stuck in my head :)

So like i mention in my post I have been keeping up with doing my nails so I will post some pictures in the end of some of the konads I have done recently/around Christmas time (I'm sure you can guess which one that is) I realize that they are all blue based! wow hahaha well I have done other ones I guess I just forgot to take pictures of them!
So here are the pictures, I'm sorry I forget exactly which colours I used but that's okay, also the lighting is super bad cuz it's from my phone, I actually haven't used my camera in like months so the battery is probably dead!

So right now I have on OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and I LOVE IT! I know this colour is super old and everyone has it already, but I just joined that bandwagon! so pretty, even on slightly darker skin tones, which is good!

Also, I mentioned how the eBay person sent me the wrong polish, well she said she would send me the right one! So hopefully that comes soon and that's so nice of them! Let me know if you want their eBay name, because they were great!

Alright, well I hope you guys had a nice weekend!
Happy Valentine's Day (although I am very anti-valentine's day) ahha except when I get chocolate! yummy :)

Do you guys have any good websites to buy makeup from?
Thanks :)

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  1. Hi Smita I am so happy to see you back!
    Aren't nails are soo addicting? Its like impossible to stay away from it Lol !!!
    How is school and Halifax?? LMK :)

  2. Gorgeous nails! YDKJ is such a beautiful colour :)