Sunday, June 26, 2011

may showers bring june flowers?

HI! sorry AGAIN for the lack of posts. THANK YOU to all of my new subscribers, I hope that you enjoy my blog (not just for my giveaway which I will talk about later!)
Today I have OPI Purple with a Purpose with Bundle Monster plate bm224 stamped with Konad Special White polish. Very summery!

Excuse my horrible cuticles, I'm working on it!

As for my giveaway, I will be extending the date, as Canada Post is still on strike and I want to wait until all the mail is running smoothly again! I think I will extend it at least two weeks that way some more people can have a chance to enter :)

What are your favourite purple polishes?

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. What a pretty color! It reminds me of Zoya Dannii (one of my faves). Other purple faves are Zoya Rihanna and others that escape me at the moment. That's a cute stamp...I need to get my hands on the new BM plates!

  2. I really like this stamp. I wouldn't be able to leave it alone though. Those flowers are perfect for stones or glitter!

  3. I gave you some blog awards!

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