Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Essie Resort Collection

so the first polishes I tested from my haul were the Essie polishes, they are 3 lovely shades of purple, blue and green, and I am in LOVE with them all!!! I'm not really a fan of doing swatches, probably because I am not super good at them yet!

From L to R Lapis of Luxury, Splash of Grenadine, Mint Candy Apple

This applied very nicely, in about 3-4 coats, it was pretty thin, as you can see on the pinky, I got a bit lazy and did not do enough coats!

The purple is such a nice colour, I can't think of any polishes that I have that could be compared (although my collection is quite limited compared to some of yours!) so if you know any polish that is similar let me know! This one had the best application out of the 3 for me! Excuse the blue polish on the ring finger! :)

This one was my FAVOURITE, that is until I put it on! I wanted to show you how gloppy it was, that is why I didn't fix the first two fingers, I feel like polish shouldn't do that! It should be easy application! Love the colour though! I'm gonna work on fixing this one, I probably should do thinner coats!!

Hope you liked them! Do you have any from this collection? "The Resort Collection"? Which ones are your favourite?

Hope you had a great Tuesday!

Thanks for reading !!!!! :)


  1. I don't have any from this collection, but your swatches make them look great! Too bad about the application, though. Maybe a little thinner would fix it?

  2. I have the same three that you picked up. The colours are lovely, but ya, application wise, I am not crazy about Essie.

  3. Ive heard great things about Essie until this post. Are most of the colors thick and goopy? I was going to order a bunch but now I may hold off.

    I usually thin out any goopy polishes with pure acetone, but it can effect the color, especially with pastels.

  4. @Zara: That's a great idea! I've never used thinner before, do you know where you can buy it? Do you just pour it into the bottle?

    @Justine: I agree!!!

    @Neya: I have 2 other Essie's that apply great! So it might just depend on the colour/collection? But you can always buy one to try it out and then if it doesn't work too well you could avoid it?

    Thank you all for your comments!!!!