Sunday, July 18, 2010

flower power!

Hello! I'm glad that I am getting a few more followers, this blogging thing is super addicting!
So what I have today is a cute little summery konad design actually it's a bundle monster plate BM12 + Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #31 Speedy Sunburst
This colour is quite unique, I'm not quite sure what colour it really is.. it's a mix between red, pink, and orange? Anyways, if you know what colour it is, LET ME KNOW!

Hope you like it!
I'm not super good at taking pictures yet, but I'm working on it!

Other news:

Today I bought some JOE Fresh nail polish - for the other Canadians out there how great is joe fresh!? Loblaws (Loblaws in Quebec and Ontario, other places it's the Superstore!) is for sure my favourite grocery store and they have clothes and now beauty! YAY!
Tomorrow, I'm going to go buy my first American Apparel polishes - Cannot wait!
All swatches to come :)

Thanks for reading!

More tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

ps: i'm listening to the GLEE soundtracks, I cannot wait for it to start again! Any other fans out there?


  1. Great colour, i have been seeing this design a lot, i gotta try it out!

  2. This design is super cute, I love it!