Saturday, July 17, 2010

water marbling attempt

Okay, so I read a lot of nail blogs, and watched tutorials, and I decided to step into the water marbling world, and I LOVE IT! I find it so simple yet with such a great affect, I got the most comments that I have ever gotten! I love it! They are so surprised that I did them myself.

This was my first attempt! Excuse the access polish, I was super excited and I had to take a picture! The polish I used was OPI That's Berry Daring (I think!) and a Sally Hansen white.

So then a few days later I decided to try again:
Again, excuse the access polish!
For this I used all OPI - That's Berry Daring, No Room For The Blues, Need Sunglasses, and Atomic Orange!
It turned more stripey rather than a marbley effect, but that's okay it was still awesome!
I think those colours look amazing together, and I had to take a picture of them together!
(from left to right - Atomic Orange, No Room For the Blues, Need Sunglasses, and That's Berry Daring)

I'm a fan of simple creme colours like these, rather than shimmery, sparkely colours, but everyone has their own opinion!

And then the one I did after, I forgot to take a picture of, but I used OPI Jade Is The New Black and just some old Sally Hansen white. This combination for sure got me the post compliments I had SO many people ask me how to do them! I even had someone draw a diagram so she could remember and then duplicate at home!

I love water marbling and I think it's such a great technique! I'm curious to know how it got started! Did someone just say, "Oh I wonder what happens when I put nail polish in water?" bahahhaha, does anyone know how water marbling got started?

On a quick side note - I work at a pool as my part-time job (not really so part-time in the summer cuz I'm there pretty much everyday) but I find that water marbling lasts so much longer in the pool! (irony?) but it's so great because I don't have to worry about it chipping when I'm in the pool!

Well, that's all for now! More tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for following my blog and now I'm following you :)

    Love your water marbling. I have yet to try it. Don't know why I'm afraid. lol!

  2. that is funny - water marbling lasts longer in the pool! Both of these water marble manis are very pretty

    You wrote on my blog;

    okay i love your tutorial and i am interested in trying fake nails!
    however, i don't know if this a dumb question or not - but for example the nails you used with the print on the tips, would you put your polish on top of this to create a manicure like your teal one with the dots? or do you use a plain fake nail? thanks for your help!

    IDID paint over the very same false printed tip nails I was wearing in the tutorial I posted yesterday - I was dying to get some colour on my nails!!!! I would not recommend this as there was some wrinkling of the surface of these Nailene Couture nails with the painted tips. I have painted over Nailene 3X nails and used remover with very little problems.

    However I would reccomend trying the big box of Nailene nails if you want to apply fase nails and paint them. You CAN use remover on these as well, just do a small test to be sure you are *** not using *** a super duper strong polish remover that will eat through the artificial nail!

    I use unpainted nailene active square nails - the 200 count box - for my regular everyday nails. I am doing a mega post on them this evening, with lots of information.

    The Nailene active square nails can be found at shoppers drug mart, Zellers (HBC) and sometimes walmart in Canada.

    I can polish and pain these nails with no problems. I estimate i can get at least 5 polish changes without doing a lot of damage to the artificial nail. I hope to get started on that this afternoon I was not aware that people had questions like this and i am thankful you wrote to me to ask ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Have fun blogging and have a great summer!!!

  3. @rmcandlelight: Thanks so much for following me! You should for sure try water marbling, it has such a great effect and it's pretty simple!

    @deez, WOW thank you so much for replying back! I was not expecting a reply so soon! I love your posts so much, and I look forward to reading yours tonight! thanks for the info, I think I might have to wait to try the false nails once I'm done working at the pool at the end of the summer!
    I expect that water - chlorine water especially - would be an enemy to the nailene nails?? I guess it would be a good test of durability if I wore them in the pool!

  4. that looks really pretty, i don't have the patience to do water marbling it looks too tedious LOL

    - kathy ♥

  5. I love the OPI selection and they really do look great together! I tried water marble once or twice and it was a messy, disgusting result, so I gave up. But yours really do look amazing! Good job!