Monday, July 19, 2010

joe fresh swatches

so here they are !
the three polishes I purchased were Espresso, Fig, and Coral.
From L to R Fig, Espresso, Coral

This is coral, and the one I was for sure the most excited to try, but it disappointed me because it had a pretty liquidy consistancy which was disappointing! But 3 coats later, it looks pretty nice!

Espresso, I was not sure about because it was my first brown polish, but it's pretty nice, this is 3 coats the application is very thin, but the end sparkley brown result is not bad!

This one had to be my favourite! The application was super easy and the colour is great! This is Fig btw.

So I didn't end up going to American Apparel today, sadly, but I am going to Toronto on Thursday and I plan on buying loads of new nail polish, especially China Glaze because I am in LOVE already and I don't own any! (No sellers that I can find in Montreal!) I bought one online, which will probably come after my trip but that's okay! I am going to get American Apparel polishes though they look so nice! probably next week!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the coral colour.. I took me ages to finally find Powder Blue, which is also one of my faves! :)

  2. thanks for following me :) it's great to find other Canadin bloggers out here

  3. Good luck shopping, have fun, and enjoy swatching! Love your choice of colors.
    You're getting an award because you're sweet and lovely.

  4. Toronto is a great place, you can find china glaze at Sally's Beauty Supply and Trade Secrets carries china glaze here too. (eaton center has a large selection)