Friday, July 30, 2010


Alright so I wanted to hold off on buying more polishes until the new OPI Swiss collection came out... but uh.. as we all know temptation is a bitch! So I went to the place where I get my eyebrows done, and across the street is American Apparel, so I'm like OF COURSE I have to go buy those! Then I went to Subway for lunch and on the way was a Shoppers Drug Mart - so OF COURSE I had to go in! And my salon place HAD to sell color club polish so OF COURSE who ends up buying them? ME. UGH!!
Color Club: Orange Revenge and Electro Candy

American Apparel: Butter, Peacock, Factory Grey

Orly: La Playa + Top 2 Bottom
These were all firsts to my collections! I am for sure going to buy more AA polishes and ORLY I want to try the Plastix collection. However, I do not think that Color Club was a value for my money and I would rather stick to the other polish brands!
Guess where I got Orly? Shoppers! Who knew they sold them there? I had to take a picture!

The one missing from the box is the one I took... I guess it's not very popular here yet?!
Swatches to come soon! :)

What is your favourite American Apparel polish?

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!!

ps: still need nail ideas for Black Eyed Peas tomorrow!

pss: still adding people to my blog roll!


  1. You had to pay $10 for the Orly? Ouch! Nice haul though.

  2. I know!!! how much does it cost where you live?
    I just wanted to try it out since I didn't have any Orly polishes!

  3. OMG I saw that display too and wondered the exact same thing! I almost picked up the same color but I resisted temptation hahah!

  4. I will faint if I ever see Orly polish at a shoppers here (I live in Saskatchewan)

  5. @tasha: Congrats on the resistance!!

    @Delaynee: I hope you get them in Saskatchewan!!!