Friday, May 13, 2011

milani dressmaker

How annoying was that that blogger was down!? so frustrating! today, I have a polish that I am SURE all of you have heard of, and it is Milani Dressmaker. This was sent to me by Michy from Original Wacky (THANK YOU!) - if you haven't seen her blog yet, go check it out, she has great posts about polish and her animal friends!

The true colour of this polish is pretty hard to explain, but it's a minty green with gold flecks? Getting a picture of the true colour is difficult, but you get the idea!
As for the application of this polish, it was very thin which made it hard to apply this was about 5 coats I think? But so worth it for the end result!

Thanks for reading! What do you think about this colour? What is your favourite minty green polish?


  1. It's a really pretty colour, but 5 coats? I would not have the patience for that lol I've been searching forever for a UK supplier of Milani but no luck :(

  2. I've been avoiding it as I tend not to like cremes, but I've changed my mind about cremes! LOVE!

  3. Oh that looks FANTASTIC on you! I wish it wasn't so thin, it is such a pretty color. I kept one anyway, just because it's so pretty. That last picture really shows off the gold flecks. Just holler if you need any other Milanis, we've actually been getting the new collections fairly well around here.

  4. This colour is amazing against your skin tone! I am happy to see that you finally managed to find a bottle ;) Its really one of a kind