Sunday, May 8, 2011

new bundle monster plates question

Hi fellow nail fanatics,
I was just wondering what you guys thought about the new bundle monster plates?
Please let me know in the comments below!
And to Canada shipping is $4 so the total is $25.99, still worth it?



  1. i love them! - they are brilliant =) im currently reviewing them on my blog

  2. I really like them a lot :) I found them worth the cost easily

  3. They're definitely worth it even with the extra shipping! I have the first set and second set of BM plates and the new set seems like the designs are easier to pick up. I haven't ran into any designs that don't work, whereas the first set gave me some trouble.

  4. I've got both sets... BUT I recommend waiting a month or so. The kinks aren't all worked out yet and there are a lot of cases where people have received defective plates. 2 of my plates (that I know of) are defective. I still love all of the designs, but one of the bad plates has my favorite design, so I can't use it :*( Anyway... they're worth it, but I'd wait just a little while so they can have time to produce A+ quality plates.

  5. Yes worth it!! There are so much to choose from and the images are etched deeply so you pick up the entire design. I like them!