Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mint Comparision

Hi lovely readers!
Today I have a short comparison post, comparing the 3 minty polishes that I have.
L to R: Essie Mint Candy Apple, ELF Mint Cream, Milani Dressmaker

As you can see, these are all very different, and Milani dressmaker doesn't really fit in with the others as much as I thought it would it's a lot more green! the Elf polish was SUPER difficult to apply and I did not like it but for a $1 it's not TOO bad. the Essie Polish has to be my FAVOURITE out of all 3, it's the nicest mint polish ever, and so easy to apply! I don't have China Glaze Refresh Mint to try, but I assume it's the perfect mint polish!

What is your favourite mint nail polish?
Do you like mint nail polish or no?


  1. The ELF looks pretty good! And close to Mint Candy Apple, but a fraction of the price. Great review! :)

  2. Ooooh! Thank you for comparing these colours! I was just searching for a mint green colour just like this essie one:D Thank you so much!!

  3. Hi Smita!
    Nice post!!! I have 3 similar colours like these ones myself - one of which is Elf!
    I'm not that happy with its quality though... I prefer Sinful Colors Mint Apple..

    Aaand... I know you're about to reach 300 followers... but there is an award for you on my blog! ;)
    I really like your blog.

  4. I'm looking for a minty polish but I haven't found the perfect one yet. I really like the colour of the ELF one but everyone says it's not very good and it's not easy to aplly, so I cross it from my list of possibilities. The Essie one is very similar... can you tell me its price, please?

  5. I have that Elf - hoping I can make it work when the time comes to wear it! Thanks for the comparison.

  6. I love mint greens; They are my fav and I have so many of them... I think I need to stop buying them !!