Saturday, May 14, 2011

my OPI collection

Today I have a post which is a little different! I have some pictures of my OPI's! This is the brand that I have the most of, and it's what made me want to start collecting polish! I store my polish in 4 plastic shoe boxes and one and 1/4 is OPI! I love the bottle shape, the quality, the brush, and the colours.

This collection took me many years to accumulate and all of my friends know I love polish so I often get OPI as gifts so all of these weren't purchased by me!
If you have pictures of your polish collections, post a link in the comments section!
What is your favourite brand of nail polish?
Is there any OPI polish that you can see that I'm missing and you think I should get?!

My dressmaker polish is going to come off soon so I might do another konad, watermarble OR if I find those sally hansen nail strips I am gonna try those!

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  1. Gah I wish I had that many OPIs but I think my collection is mostly China Glaze. Last time I counted I had about 200 polishes all together. It's ridiculous, lol.

  2. wow that's a lot! i don't have that many china glaze, maybe 6? they are really hard to find here, but china glaze is great too!

  3. That is so many OPIs... I only have one :(
    because they are pretty expensive. I do have a pretty large stash of polish though. Most of my stuff is drug store polish. Your collection is beautiful!!

  4. Soooo pretty! Do you ever find yourself dumping out all of your polishes just to stare at them? I kind of did that today!

    It doesn't look like you have The Show Must Go On... it's awesome!

    Here's a link to my polish collection:

  5. I have about the same amount of OPI as you. I think it's pretty much equal with my china glaze stash.

  6. I only have 3 O.P.I's: Wing It!, Flower to Flower and Parlez-vous O.P.I? and my favourite is Parlez-vous. I don't see it here (maybe I'm being blind lol) but it's a lovely dusty mauve. I'm lemming for Pamplona Purple too - but I'm on a no-buy :(
    Great collection! I love seeing other peoples stashes (that sounds a bit naughty teehee)

  7. That looks like a great collection! I don't buy many OPI's simply because there aren't too many color varieties available here locally. I love your greens!

  8. OMG!!!!!! drools. it's huge!!! this is a massive OPI collection. u lucky lucky girl

  9. Woow you've got soooo many!! You have all my favourite shades:D I think OPI is the best!! I've tried different brands, but OPI brush is by far easier to apply:)) I wish OPI has more colours;p

  10. That's such a great collection! So many pretty colors :) You're so lucky you have a couple Designer Series ones - those are gorgeous!

  11. Great collection!! I don't have many OPIs yet, because they're so expensive here in Holland (14 EURO!) but my collection sure is expanding since I've discovered Ebay :)