Friday, August 6, 2010

China Glaze Grape Pop has been a lemming (did you know a lemming is a small rodent?) of mine ever since I saw it. When I heard it was the same as funkey dunkey, I decided to choose China Glaze over OPI (It was cheaper!). As many of you have said, Grape Pop is your favourite purple, I must agree!
One of the great things about this polish, besides the application, is the fact that it looks so different in different lights. I tried to capture the different shades, hopefully you see it! Last night I was at a friends house, and it was thundering, and my polish looked almost black like OPI Siberian Nights.

Today I did a konad with m64 and GOSH Gold, it is a very subtle konadicure, but I love it! (On the thumb I used OPI Do You Liliac It? But it was too light for my liking so I switched to the gold). Konading GOSH was actually a lot easier than I was expecting! I'll be using the gold to konad a lot more!

ps: I WON THE MAD AS A HATTER AUCTION! pictures to come later, it's quite a bundle! The seller just needs to figure out how much shipping to Canada will be, and then I will make an official post :)

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