Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the end of purple week!

Okay so I get bored really easily, and so of course I'm bored of "purple week" (bad idea in the first place) so here are the rest of my purples!

Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

This purple was a bit difficult to capture the exact colour, but I am sure you guys all already have this color! 2 coats

Next up:
Purple With A Purpose
A must have for purple lovers! Similar to Nicole by OPI Virtuous Violet

We'll Always Have Paris Suede
I loved the idea of this suede thing because I love matte polishes, but this was a fail. This polish ships really fast since you can't put a top coat on! I suppose you could do a top coat / polish sandwich to make it last?

Okay, that's all of my OPI purples! Hope you liked 'em

I am waiting for so many polishes to come in the mail, I feel like I will need to buy another storage box.. uh oh!

Have a great day!

ps: On Thursday I am going to Ottawa with the fam jam so no posts this weekend!
Please comment !


  1. nice swatches :) i like Louvre Me Louvre Me Not the most :)

  2. Hee--a two-day week; wish my job would go on that plan. :)

  3. Louvre Me Louvre Me Not....that`s my first ever Opi polish :) Love the suede as well!!

  4. Thanks ladies! I like Louvre Me Louvre Me Not the most too!

    Karen: I wish 2 day weeks existed too!!!!

  5. Haha, you're like me - I also get bored easily! I'm having a hard enough time sticking to my "What's ABOP wearing next" list. Sigh... Thanks for all that pretty purleisciousness in one post! Purples and greens are my faves.

  6. I love purple n i like this one..
    please check out my new blog

  7. Whoe nice colours! totally me :D
    I liked your blog too! So I'm a follower now :)
    Maybe you can follow mine too?


  8. i love all these pruples.

    i like your blog, maybe you can follow me too