Thursday, August 12, 2010

Orly Viridian Vinyl

As promised! I've been waiting to try the Orly Plastix collection for a while, and I am so glad I did! Its probably in my top 10 fav polishes now! I need to get the others from this collection! The color was great, and I love the finish! I was going to put a coat of CG Matte Magic, but I loved the way it looked without it!
The first two pictures are pre-pool, and the last 2 pictures are after being in the pool for about an hour! Not too bad!

Alright my lovely readers, I'm off to Ottawa for the weekend - I don't plan on buying any polishes unless I find a MUST HAVE because I've ordered so many online! Hopefully I'll get some new clothes or something!

Have a great weekend! I will post probably Monday or Sunday night!

ps: A big thanks to Halifax from Sparkled Beauty for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, which I will receive when I move to Halifax in September :)


  1. I haven't tried this collection yet! BTW I tagged you in this post

  2. Nice :)

    can you see my blog and if you like it add me to your blogroll?:) I'll add you too :)

  3. So pretty! Love the color.
    I am now a follower of your blog :)
    Could you check mine out and follow if you'd like.

  4. Hi Smita - This is in regards to your question on an older post I did about paintable flase nails. I wasnt sure If I ansered you already so I though t I would add it here, too. Just in case♥♥♥.

    Yes I do paint over the false nails with designs on them sometimes.... alot of times though my nail polish with mar the surface of the false nail, causing wrinkles which I imagine means that my polish is eating through the surface of the decorated artificial nail. The Nailene 3X that I use ( the french manicure ones ) have not had this problem so far.

    I like using plain fake nails and can often get 5 or more paint jobs from them before the nail polish remove and acetone eats through the artificial nail.