Sunday, August 22, 2010

Orly Purple Crush

I got this manicure done in celebration of being finished work! The reason I like getting manicures is because filing and shaping is not my thing I'm really not good at it! Unfortunately this mani chipped after a day, but I'm kinda happy because that means I can switch my polish tonight!!! Yesterday I layered it with GOSH Magic Star. Here are the pictures:
I have no idea why it's called Purple Crush, does this not look pink to you?
bottle pic:
Today I am going shopping with the rentals to get stuff ready for my dorm, and then tomorrow I'm going to go shopping with my friend! I am also going to buy Etude House polishes either tomorrow or Tuesday. Please let me know if you would wanna do a swap with these polishes - I hear they are pretty rare to find! I will need to know in the next week because I'm moving on the 2nd!!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!!!


  1. i have the same Orly polish; i wanna try it out now ;) and ETUDE HOUSE! im still excited! haha i'll shoot you an email soon :) have fun shopping!~

  2. i have worn the hot pink color though out this summer...and last summer...i cant get enough of it!!! shud try it witht the glitter coat though
    follow if you like what u see?


  3. Gorgeous pink! I find the name very funny - it's so not purple! The Gosh looks great layered over it =)

    I've heard such wonderful things about Etude house polishes but I've yet to try them myself unfortunately. Have fun shopping for them!

  4. Definitely not purple; I so wish I could be in some of these nail polish naming meetings. :)