Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deborah Lippman Bad Romance

Okay, so I know that everyone has seen these polishes and everyone loves them and guess what? I LOVE IT TOO! I had some removal issues, but the wear and application was pretty good! It was hard to get all the hexagonal glitters but if you are patient and move the brush around you will eventually find them!

The $24 (inc. tax) spent on this polish was worth it. I keep it in the box, and it goes on top of my storage boxes because this polish doesn't deserve to sit with the polishes that are less than $10 which pretty much they all are!

Okay, so when I removed this polish (not sure if anyone else as experianced this or not) but THIS is what happened:
I thought it was really funny so I had to take a picture, excuse my nasty nails! The difficult hexagonal glitters didn't want to get off!!!

On another note my Viva La Nails sample pack came in! Has anyone done reviews and then received more products to review like they say they will do?
Hope you guys had a great Saturday, and have a wonderful Sunday! We did errands today and man are those Saturday drivers crazy!!
Thanks for reading!!

ps: I am selling one of my textbooks, and don't you think that money should be used for a Chanel polish before I leave?? I leave on Thursday btw, so no blogging while I'm getting settled in!


  1. That polish is pretty, but looks like a royal pain to remove. lol Have you tried the acetone and cotton ball and foil soak? It really removes glitter so easily.

    I did receive a sample pack from Viva La Nail a while back. I posted an article, photo and used the products and linked to them, each time. When I signed up for the blogger samples, they stated that they would continue to sen packs, tho I haven't received another one yet, if I am going to. I do like their products, tho. :)

  2. Loooove this laquer! <3 And yeah, what Ice Queen said, the foil soak really works! :)

  3. Thats gorgeous, but I just can't pay that much for a polish. Removal looks like a pain in the ass xD Always happens to me when I used glitters.
    (Reason why I hate 'em!)

    I recieved a blogger pack!
    But they didn't send anymore after :c

  4. I want this one so bad along with Across the Universe. I just can't seem to bring myself to spend that much $ on one bottle but maybe just once. :)

    P.S. I swatched a bunch of China Glaze Specialty Glitters polishes so I know what you mean about those darn glitter pieces!

  5. so pretty. I still really want across the universie. so holt renfrew is where you got it from yes? I will check again. maybe when I went they didn't have it yet...I hope they have it soon!

  6. Ohh that Lippmann was totally worth it! Sooo pretty and different :)

    P.S.: I spotted the Revlon Glitters at Pharmaprix (or Shoppers wtv you want to call is lol)! I think I need them all hahaa

  7. Have you tried the foil technique for taking off glitters? It really works. All you need to do is put nail varnush remover onto a cotton pad and then apply that to the finger nail. Then rap tin foil over the finger with the cotton pad on and leave it holding there for 5 mins. When you take it off the glitters will slide off with the cotton pad. Try it, it really works! x