Monday, August 23, 2010

MAJOR haulage + bad luck

OKAY! so today my transdesign order came in + I did some shopping in the morning and bought some goodies (which starting now I'm on a NO POLISH BUY until I move and then of course I will have to hit up Sally's so until September 2nd I'm not allowed to buy any polish, which I'm totally okay with since my containers are filling up)
Today I bought some Milani polishes from Loblaws they don't have limited edition so I only got simple ones! I also got 3 polishes from my friend who went to Isreal (however only two survived - story later). And I bought my first (and probably last) Deborah Lippman polish Bad Romance! (How much of a follower am I!) They did have Chanel's Paradoxal in the store I went to, but the Deborah Lippman polish did enough damage to my bank account so I decided to pass! I can survive without it!
Here are all the pics:

Orly (L to R) Royal Navy, Out Of This World, It's Not Rocket Science, Lunar Eclipse, Charged Up, Purple Pleather
Milani (L to R) Pool Party, Totally Cool, Bolting Blue
Unnamed Isreali Polishes (anyone know what brand this is?) The pink one fell RIGHT after I took this picture! NO MORE PINK :(

OPI Lucerne-taily Look Marvelous, CG Heli-Yum, Deborah Lippman Bad Romance

The bad luck was that when I went to pick up my Joe Fresh polishes for my swap and the Milani polishes, my car battery decided to die! Thank god our car fixer people were right across the street! I called my mom and I was like "MOM I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO" major freak out there, but everything got fixed up! That was the first time anything like that happened to me! But I think I handled my self well! :)

Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow is an amazing haul. You have lots of great stuff there. I hope you enjoy your goodies! :D

  2. Neat haul! You gotta tell me how the application of Bad Romance turns out. I'm definitely getting at least 1 Lippman (Across the Universe) but maybe I'll trick myself into getting to. They're so pricey! :(

  3. nice haul! im like you, im gunna go on a no buy soon too! well, after the swap, of course ;)

  4. OHHH I cant wait to see swatches!!! DO the Lippmann first, no wait I want to see Space Cadet first... and the Milani ones too! Hahaha :P

    You will LOVE Heli-Yum its very rich !!!

    But yeah everyone need their car battery to die once so they can learn what to do! ;)

  5. Hey Smita,

    In response to your question on my site:
    Just good luck I guess.... dunno how it happened really. They wanted someone to review the new ds's so I did.

  6. by the way, sorry about the deleted post, I typed fast and definitely spelled your name mixed up.... sorry!! I do that sometimes lol

  7. Can't wait to see out of this world, looks like a really cool color =)

  8. lovely haul :D

    can't wait to see the swatches

  9. wow thats a HUGE haul! and i thought i was a shopaholic! haha. you got some great colours x

  10. My deadline is now extended and its open internationally... come enter while you can!

  11. did u get the bad romance from holt renfrew? mine didn't have it. hopefully they will have it soon

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