Saturday, August 21, 2010

etude house?

Quick question for you guys, so I was walking around with a friend today and we stumbled upon this store that sold Etude House polishes!
Does anyone know how this brand is? Should I grab some of their polishes?



  1. All I know about Etude House is that they are a Korean nail polish brand. I watched a youtube video once that showed a girl using them and she seemed to like them.

  2. etude house is a korean brand of polish.. i have some etude house polish and i love the bottle shape & color as well...and i love etude house polish and i would buy for more... i am just lucky that we have an etude house here in Manila...

    u can check my blog post about Etude house polish in this link:

    I hope this will help..

  3. yup to the above, they have some pretty awesome colours :D i hv one BL 009 i think in one of my posts. formula wise can be qte thick, nthg a thinner cant do :)

  4. Lol, lots of people want to be you right now for being able to find Etude House without travelling to Asia. You might get some great swap offers for them, they are that highly sought after, hun :)