Sunday, August 1, 2010

my new favourite polish!

Okay, so I know that this polish is not super new anymore, and that so many people have already written about it, but hey now it's my turn!

When someone would ask what my favourite polish was I would always say OPI No Room For The Blues. Then I decided to order this from Amazon, and BAM! new favourite polish!!!!!!


It's pretty much the same colour as my Blackberry cover thingy, so I had to take a picture!!
The actual colour of Ogre-The-Top Blue is very hard to capture!! I googled it, and it seemed like everybody has a different shade of blue in their pictures. But I love it SO much, I wore it and could not stop staring at my nails!

So of course I couldn't live with just plain blue nails! So.... BAM! China Glaze Fairy Dust!

Intentionally blurry! So sparkly!

Outside! (check out my moms flowers in the background!)

I LOVE this polish SO freaking much!! I just took it off this morning, and I actually wore it to the concert (which was amazing btw, picture to follow).

What is your ALL time favourite polish? Just pick one!!!!!!

We should make like a list of MUST-HAVE polishes! This one is on that list FOR SURE (for all you blue lovers out there)

Where is the LOVE?
Black Eyed Peas July 31, 2010, Bell Center, Montreal


  1. I don't think I can pick just one...this looks gorgeous though!

  2. Thanks! I know, it's tricky to pick one!

  3. I bought my seche at london drugs for $9.99. london drugs is kind of like a pharmaprix. I should have checked winners.

    Where do you get your opis? like or and hope much do you pay for opi with shipping?

    I'm trying to figure out the cheapest place to get opi and china glazes online to canada.. to others. can you believe some people pay only $3.5-$4 for china glaze and opi?

  4. i love orge the top blue as well. opi makes so many great blues. i also liked what's with the cattitude but the application on it was a PITA!!!

  5. @jbrobeck: I agree 100% about What's With The Cattitude! seems like everyone is having the same problem!

    @shortnails: I replied back on your most recent post :)

  6. I did a swatch just the other day! Or it might be a month ago? I have seem to have lost track of time. lol

  7. love the combo, new follower.