Wednesday, August 18, 2010

haulage + my first swap!

Okay come on guys, FOUR more followers until my giveaway! Don't you want a giveaway?! Guess not!

So today I have for you some one haul from Loblaws, one from eBay, and one swap!

I went to Loblaws to buy Joe Fresh polishes for my giveaway, and of course I had to buy some for me! I also bought a L'oreal Paris polish on sale as well as my first Sally Hansen Xtreme polishes!
Joe Fresh Powder Blue, Buff, Fuchsia, L'oreal Paris Ocean Breeze, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink, Shooting Star

So of course, biggest lemming besides Hidden Treasure and Paradoxal was Mad As A Hatter! So I went searching on eBay and found this AMAZING offer! I bid on it and only paid $36 for Mad As A Hatter, Absolutely Alice, Off With Her Red and two Alice in Wonderland lipglosses (which are not great at all and I will probably throw them out but that's okay) YAY :)
Off With Her Red, Absolutely Alice, Mad As A Hatter

And then last but certainly not least, I did a swap with Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish and it arrived yesterday! It was a great package everything was wrapped so nicely! I got some Mood Struck polishes (my first mood changing polish) a Maybelline polish (my first as well) and my first Claire's polish! I also got China Glaze Flying Dragon which was also a lemming! So thank you SO much to Karen for the awesome swap!!!
Maybelline Matte Blue, Unnamed Mood Struck Polishes, China Glaze Flying Dragon, unnamed Claire's mini

Hope you guys enjoyed this long post! Tomorrow is my last day of work! I am so excited!!!!!! It will be so good for my skin, hair and nails to not have to be in a pool every single day! YAY :)

Thanks for reading!!

ps: I'm only $8 away from becoming a Sephora VIB!!!!!!! Guess that means I'm gonna be making a trip to Sephora next week eh?


  1. Aww, if you were here, Lawtons had the whole collection about a month or two ago, $10/ bottle, but you got quite a reasonable deal there.

    I'm also asking Karen to get me those mood polishes, lol. When you get to Halifax, run to a Claire's to get a few more :)

  2. Nice swap!! I only need one more follower for my giveaway =O~

  3. wow. nice haul & swap! i realllllly wanna try Joe polishes! haha

  4. Ooh, you haven't had SH Extreme polishes before? I really like them! They may not be as good as say, China Glaze, but for the price they are pretty impressive.

  5. Great haul and swap!

    My latest post:

  6. So glad they got there safely! Enjoy your new pretties!

    (And Halifax if you're here, I sent your package same day as Smita's, so hope you'll get yours soon!)

  7. What a great haul! It is so awesome to line everything up like that... hauling is so satisfying :P

    I started swapping a few months ago and I am so happy with my experiences! I am having so much fun making new friends and trimming down my wishlist in the process :D