Saturday, August 21, 2010

my favourite tv shows

No nails today!
Okay, so since I asked this question on my giveaway, I thought I would do a post about television that's what I'm usually doing if I have nothing else to do!
I used to watch A LOT of t.v. so I have acquired MANY favourite shows! Here is a list :) Not really in any particular order

LOST (I know it ended, but it's my all time favourite show, I'm watching it from the beginning with my parentals because I totally got them hooked to it!)
DEXTER (most loveable serial killer ever! Airs on Showtime (USA) and Movie Channel (Canada) new season starts September 26)
GREY'S ANATOMY (best hospital show ever! I love the weird medical mysteries that they show, and then of course Dr. McDreamy is the cutest doctor ever! New season premieres September 23 on ABC)
GLEE (everyone knows about glee! Last year was it's first season and it got so many grand reviews! Can't wait to see what songs they end up singing this year! New season starts September 21 on FOX)
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (so much drama on Wisteria Lane! New season starts September 26 on ABC)
others that I like to watch:
America's Next Top Model - September 8 on The CW
Real Housewives of New Jersey - (already airing on Bravo)
Jersey Shore (FIST PUMPINGGGG) (already airing on MTV - season 2)
Gossip Girl - September 13 on The CW
How I Met Your Mother - September 20 on CBS
CSI Las Vegas - September 23 on CBS
So You Think You Can Dance - on FOX (just ended, and the Canadian one I don't follow)

As you can see I like a wide range of genres and I love stories that continue from beginning to end!

Thanks for reading!
happy saturday!

What shows are you looking forward to starting again in the Fall?

ps: my manicure from yesterday has already chipped on one finger! I am angry, but kinda happy because I need to switch my polish soon I have such bad nail ADD


  1. I love Lost too!! <3 Best show ever, need to watch again when I'll have some free time. And Hurley was so cute, I love his sense of humor and everything, he always makes me smile. :( Miss that show a lot!
    I was just always afraid of that smoke monster - I was playing Lost game on PS3 and I couldn't play just because of that noise and how it kills me. Ö I always gave my boyfriend to finish the mission when it was smoke monster time. :D Haha. :D

    A also watched Prison Break but it also ended. :/

  2. Ohh cute post! I'm hooked on horrible reality shows like real housewives and antm!!! But I also love law&order svu and documentaries on discovery Channel. I never got into glee or lost lol!

  3. ahh i miss lost the end was so sad! :(

    my favourite show is Real Housewives of NJ - I LOVE IT!
    Also Glee and Desperate Housewives.

    other faves are Jersey Shore, Ru Pauls drag race, Noah's arc, Curb your enthusiasm, Arrested Development and of course friends! x

  4. I love desperate housewives too!! :)
    and I like the shape of your nails!