Monday, August 9, 2010

purple week! day 1

Okay so I decided to swatch all my purple OPI's and write about each of them!
The first one is Do You Lilac It?

application = smooth
coats = 2-3

It's a must have if you like light purple! I'm sure it goes great with my skin tone, but I still like wear it!

Any dupes out there?

What's your favourite purple polish?

Thanks for reading!

I am going to go watch Step-Up 3D! I am excited to have some time to just relax, I feel like I have been going places and working and doing stuff for days straight with no rest!!!

ps: I'm expecting A LOT of polish in the mail in the next few weeks, hopefully it all comes before I move! No more ordering online until I move though, I don't want it sitting here for months until I come back for thanksgiving!


  1. Yay purple week! I hope you receive all your polishes in time.