Monday, August 16, 2010

opi swiss

Thank you all for the lovely comments you have been leaving me! I'm almost at 100 followers, so today I have to finish buying the polishes and get ready for the giveaway! (it'll be my first giveaway ever, hope it goes well!) Of course this will be open to international readers as well since I hate not being allowed to enter giveaways!

Today I have swatches for the 3 OPI Swiss that I purchased (I know you have seen them many many times, but here is my take on them!) I LOVE ALL OF THEM!
Ski Teal We Drop, Diva Of Geneva, and William Tell Me About OPI

Two pictures of Ski Teal We Drop, great application, love the color!

Diva of Geneva, does this count as red? Oh well I actually like it!
William Tell Me About OPI, Not exactly sure what to call this colour? purpely brown? plum? Anyways whatever it is its great! I thought it looked nice with one coat as well (on the thumb)

All this polishes had great application, and I love the colors! I ordered Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous so I can't wait to try that one!


  1. Ski Teal We Drop, that`s a nice color!!

  2. So cute! When I went to Ulta, Ski Teal We Drop was almost gone! I have Glitzerland, Lucerne-tainly..., and The Color to Watch. I'm a shimmer kinda girl =]

  3. beautiful colors! I was actually looking at an OPI ad today and saw these and had to hold my self back from rushing to ULTA to get the entire collection!! :) The Ski teal we drop MUST be mine!!!! hehe

  4. Totally want Ski Teal We Drop!!!

  5. I love Ski Teal We Drop. I just go that one. I definitely need Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous I hesitantly passed up on it last time I saw it and I regret it!

  6. Ski teal we drop is wonderful!
    Join my giveaway: :)

  7. Love the William Tell Me About OPI. I can't buy OPI atm, I don't earn enough but when I do that will SO be on my list.

    Can't wait until the giveaway! x

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  9. hihi i'm sorry, I noticed that I wasn't a follower of yours yet :) So I left that automatic message ;)

  10. yeah I have :) gr8 isn't it?
    Btw have you ever done a giveaway internationally? I have some questions about that :)