Thursday, August 5, 2010

uh oh.. another blue polish??

Yesterday, I received a long awaited gift (well I ordered it last Monday!)
China Glaze Grape Pop, Towel Boy Toy, and Matte Magic! No one told me Matte Magic was so tiny, but that's okay I love matte polish!

So as we all know, I'm a sucker for blues! So I had to try it out! I know it's not new and everyone owns it but I LOVE IT! I'm sure I have similar blues, but this is so nice! it looks great matte and shiny! It's about 3-4 coats for complete opaqueness but totally worth it! Here are my pics

Here it looks kinda matte to give you an idea (this was with top coat seche vite!)

Today I took off towel boy toy and put on Grape Pop! I also got a pedicure, I get bad in-growns and I have had surgery twice, but nothing seems to work! It was CND China Rose, with a coat of this sparkly stuff she had (unnamed) Hope you don't think my feet are gross! I think I have pretty nice feet compared to some people! I see a lot of feet at the pool hahaha

I hope everyone had a great day !
I'm bidding on ebay for OPI Mad As A Hatter, wish me luck!!

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  1. CG Grape Pop is one of my favourite purple polishes. Good Luck on the Mad As A Hatter auction!