Monday, August 2, 2010

mini haul + mini rant

Alright so today was an interesting day! 50 followers! I went to work this morning and then I went to Wal-Mart and I bought Sally Hansen Insta Dri Black and White (I love the whole insta-dri collection). I finished a bottle of white already so I had to get a new one and decided to get a black as well since it's a simple colour and I love fast drys! I also bought Nailene French tip nails, they were only like $4. I also went to Shoppers (great deals in Shoppers this week for you other Canadians!) I bought 2 Gosh polishes (on sale for $4.99) and I bought the Nailene 200 pack of nails (also on sale). I can't wear fake nails because I work at a pool, but I only have about 3 more weeks of work, so I thought I could try them out then (they were on sale so I had to get them now!)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri White and Black, Gosh Blue Monday, Gosh Gold, Nailene French tip, and Nailene 200 Nails (click for bigger image!)

Right now I am sporting a water marble that I made yesterday, post to come for that tomorrow. I will take it off tomorrow and try the GOSH polishes! Hopefully the polishes I ordered online come soon as well.

Today, I searched for the OPI Swiss Collection in Montreal - and failed, miserably. I was so depressed! I must have searched like 10 different stores, and NO ONE had it, some of them didn't even know what I was talking about!! I guess it hasn't been released here yet?! So disappointing, UGH. I have made a decision to not buy any more polishes online, and I really want to buy some OPI Swiss! Hurry up stores!!!

Have you bought the OPI Swiss yet? What are the MUST-HAVES?

ps: Inception was AMAZING!!!!


  1. I am kind of turned off by OPI at the moment. I guess I'm just frustrated that it is so hard to find. I don't have an Ulta anywhere near me and Sally's doesn't carry it. The only place around me that sells it is a hair salon and they charge 9.50 for it. Plus tax it is about 10 dollars. I'm focusing on other brands right now because I can't afford ten dollar polish. Diva of Geneva and Ski Teal We Drop are the only Swiss colours that interest me.

    (Sorry for ranting on your blog, lol!)

  2. hey sweety thanks for the comment..
    those are great hauls..

  3. I completely feel your pain...the only places that sell OPI near me are salons, and they charge more so I don't really like to buy there. To find an Ulta or Trade Secrets, I have to drive three to three and a half hours. :( ANYway, I'm sorry you're having trouble finding the Swiss collection and I hope you're able to get it soon.

  4. @Serena: replied back on your blog!

    @ThRiSzHa: thanks!

    @Zara: I KNOW! it's so frustrating. I think it's better if I stop looking, then when I find them it will be wonderful!

  5. I have yet to see the Swiss collex in real life, and I'm fortunate to have three Ultas within fairly easy reach. But I have no access to GOSH at all unless I swap for it or take a chance on doing a trip across the border. A nail polish lover's life has its trials no matter where one is. :)

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